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2D.ID in operation


The Tool management is a method that advances in manufacturing technology can be used. There is no fortune of good cutting times and short chip to chip cycles, if the machine is down by the reason of a missing or incorrect tool or produced scrap.

A modern tool management provides the following options for higher productivity:

  • REDUCE - the diversity of the used tool up to 20%.
  • REDUCE - the tool working stock by more than 30%.
  • REDUCE - the tool consumption up to 15%.
  • REDUCE - the machine set-up time up to 40%.
  • INCREASE - the machine utilization up to 5%.

Influence of a tool management system on the efficiency in the production

Economic studies have shown that tools, depending on the product and operation, generate a maximum amount between 3-5% of costs in the machining process. An order of magnitude, which don’t bring in cutting tools in the field of view of its top management attention. The costs to order tools is only secondary. Mostly the processing costs for procurement (selection, order, receipt of goods) are several times as high and not in this calculation included.

However, some studies project come to realize that approximately 60,000 € per CNC machine are bound in cutting tools, while the availability of the tools is still not optimal. This lack of availability is the overall efficiency of the production system and thus is the management of the tools in the focus of management. Thus a modern tool management as the MyXPert ToolManager is a method to make the potential in metal cutting technology with simple means economical.

2D.ID the safest way to identify tools at anytime and anywhere

With the 2D.ID solution, the central data structure in the MyXPert ToolManager was supplemented by standard scanning devices. Whether a direct 2D.ID LaserTag or a 2D.ID SmartTag will be used is deduced from the requirements. New components are already being delivered by many tool manufacturers with a 2D.ID LaserTag. By retrofitting of existing systems the technology of 2D.ID SmartTag is increasingly being used.

With the MyXPert ToolManager Modules tooling costs are considered holistically. Therefore after a short time the following business objectives are implemented:

  • Increase in the availability of the tool for simultaneous reduction of the stocky
  • Minimizing the administrative burden in the tool cycle (search, in/outsourcing etc.)
  • Reduction of diversity in the use following the optimized distribution of tasks
  • Online availability / detection properties on used tools by central Data management

In order to determine the overall efficiency (Availability x Prime-Time-Share x Quality Score) is generally seen as a modern tool management system MyXPert ToolManager as an integral part of the manufacturing strategy.