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2D.ID Method

The 2D.ID works with a wide variety of illustrations from the family of 2D codes. These include both horizontal and vertical information, in contrast to a conventional bar code. The 2D.ID applied by a article manufacturer is world wide unique and can be read directly with commercially available optical reading devices, such as stand-/handheld-scanners, smartphones/tablets etc. Two major advantages are generated with this type of identification: first of all, it is possible to identify and manage the articles in a database management system, e. g. the MyXPert ProductionManager. This eliminates the identification with cumbersome and expensive RFID specific hardware. And second, the information shared by the manufacturer can be queried when scanning the articles directly. What information is available to which customers is here completely handled by the article manufacturer.

Application example

Data work flow of a machining tool
The open central information exchange can be operated by commercially available 2D-Codescanners with all configured devices such as LAN/WLAN etc. The leading information system is the tool management database (e. g. MyXPert ToolManager), which always knows, via the 2D-Identification, which tool is located where and what ongoing changes have been made. For example, current measuring data are automatically stored in the database and can be online loaded into the machine control. All the data are managed centrally in a database. Each User with the appropriate authorization, gets the needed information just in time and up-to-date for his own supplement.

2D.ID laser procedure


2D.ID for tool identification

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