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2D.ID compared to RFID

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Legend RFID

rfid iconRFID chip with non-directly readable binary data structure and a limitedamount of data. High cost intensity and possible data loss caused by induction (shrinkage technique of tools).

rfid hw round gRead/write operation. High risk of vendor locking (producer dependency) to be used read/write hardware. Depending to be read/writing data set, the file can be accessed only by a long stoppage time.

rfidNon-uniform configuration of the binary data structure on wide CNC variety.

konflikt roundThe data structure is defined by the machine/cnc-control manufacturer or the user itself. Therefore, the user must always pay attention how the data structure on the current chip during reading/writing is to be interpreted (Increased risk of operating errors and data loss).

postManual selection of used machine control (the user must know, on which control type the chip has been written).

rfid tableBinary data on the chip can only be managed in a simplified tabular form. Storage of additional user data such as 2D/3D graphics is not possible.

Legend 2D.ID

2did iconThe globally unique 2D.ID (QR Code, DataMatrix, etc.) mark can be inexpensively attached to any tool component. Retrofitting is simple and anytime with 2D.ID SmartTag, laser marking or durable label possible. Enormous Cost savings in the implementation of an identification
solution in the production.

drei scannerScanning the 2D.ID (2D hand/industrial scanner, SmartPhones, Tablets,etc.) by using commercially available hardware. Thus, a vendor independent and cost-effective way to capture the 2D.ID without downtime.

database round gThe central database solution provides a free and unlimited amount of data for measured values, 3D data and a lot of more user-specific information. The 2D.ID technology offers a great save-time through faster setup and the continuous availability of production-related data.

portal iconThe complimentary 2D.ID portal provides 24/7 direct and unified access to the knowledge base of many tool manufacturers/suppliers. Data import/export in the central database by a unified exchange interface is always possible.

workplace iconForward-looking production by visualization of all process information with uniform data interfaces between external systems such as CAD / CAM, DNC, etc.

preseterAutomated nominal/actual value data transfer to/from the tool presetting for quick and easy set-up through uniform interfaces.

CNC IconAct rather than react through uniform data transfer interfaces between all connected resources in the manufacturing process (CNC machines, robots, etc.)