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2D.ID SmartTag


The 2D.ID SmartTag was developed for the unique identification of tool components with existing DIN code carrier holes. The idea is to use a single unique worldwide identification number as reference to access the product life cycle data of a tool from a database. If laser engraving is no option to individualize your tools, the ready-to-use 2D.ID SmartTag’s will be the right solution for you.


The 2D.ID SmartTag is made of a durable plastic with a scratch resistant surface. Each SmartTag is the dimension of the code carrier bore adapted exactly. The fabricated 2D.ID SmartTag's are available in different lot sizes and using a standard component glue (also included in the delivery) for fixing.

Integration and identification

Each 2D.ID SmartTag is unique. Provided with the two-dimensional 2D code the SmartTag has is uniquely associated component identified worldwide.

By assigning the 2D.ID portal and a tool database (e.g. MyXPert ToolManager) this tool component is combined with the 2D.ID code for all time. This allows now an anytime access to all information pertaining to this particular tool component.

Further applications

Identification by the 2D.ID SmartTag is also suitable for unlimited use in other applications. In addition to the MyXPert ToolManager applications for tool measurement in actual measured values are data transfer as a replacement of the paper labels, inventory management and procurement with controls to Paternoster as well as detection of the tool spindle times at any time.