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2D.ID SmartTag-Hybrid


2D.iD SmartTag-Hybrid


Model for scanning, reading and writing

A refinement of the 2D.ID SmartTag's is the new hybrid SmartTag. With the additional integrated NFC functionality, an amount of data can also be written local on the tool, besides the central stored data on the server. Depending on the embodiment, a different amount of data is stored locally. The new SmartTag hybrid can also be used in a blocked mode, i.e. once written information cannot be changed later on.

Specification: Model: 2D.ID STH
  Scan Code: DataMatrix, QR Code
  Data transfer: Read/Write
  Memory Size: approx. 144 bytes
  Diameter: approx. 10 mm
  Thickness: approx. 6-7 mm
Platform: Hardware: Smartphone, Tablet, PC, 2D-Scanner
  Operation-System: Android, iOS, Windows